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  • Ahmed el Attar

    Ahmed el Attar is no stranger to the challenges of working in Egyptian theatre. Over the past two decades he has faced many battles.

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  • Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

    Written by Eva Bentcheva Change is not possible without freedom of expression, for how can people change an existing situation…

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  • The Great Game: Afghanistan

    “I can tell you that the Ministry of Defence as a whole, and certainly the armed forces desperately want to…

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  • ‘Women in Action’ Cultural Conference

    Founded in 2004 by Adalet R. Garmiany, a British artist of Kurdish-Iraqi origin, ArtRole is a UK- and Iraq-based contemporary arts organisation dedicated to developing cultural exchanges…

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  • MASS Alexandria

    In October 2010 Alexandrian artist Wael Shawky inaugurated the MASS Alexandria Pilot Studio and Study Program, an initiative aimed at…

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  • Laji’in al-Rap / Refugees of Rap

    Yaser Jamous, Muhammad Jamous Aka ‘James’, Ahmad Zarouk Aka ‘Five’, Muhammad Jawad Syrian rap group Refugees of Rap was formed in…

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