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  • Meiro Koizumi

    Battlelands by Japanese artist Meiro Koizumi is on show at the White Rainbow project space in London until 12 January…

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  • Noor Abuarafeh: Residency (UK)

    Noor Abuarafeh’s recent residency in London, where she was based at the Delfina Foundation, investigates the unseen rather than the…

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  • Wafaa Bilal

    For the Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal, the notion of the personal being political resonates far deeper than a contemporary truism….

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  • Jananne Al-Ani

    Working in both photography and moving image, Jananne Al-Ani is concerned, broadly, with questions of visibility and their intersection in…

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  • Willie Doherty

    On 30 January 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland, the then thirteen-year old Willie Doherty witnessed twelve people being shot.[1] This…

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  • Azra Akšamija

    Born in Sarajevo, Akšamija is an artist, writer, architectural historian, Director of the MIT Future Heritage Lab , an ‘antidisciplinary research community’…

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