Examples of diverse cultural activities taking place across the globe. Many more to follow. We welcome your suggestions of projects.





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  • Museum conservator at work.

    The National Museum of Afghanistan

    by Constance Wyndham A brief history Although often eclipsed by the modern political situation, Afghanistan has a rich history. The country…

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  • Ahmed EL Attar

    Ahmed el Attar

    Ahmed el Attar is no stranger to the challenges of working in Egyptian theatre.  Over the past two decades he…

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  • Cultural Management Workshop Marrakesh, Morocco, 2006 © Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

    Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

    Written by Eva Bentcheva Change is not possible without freedom of expression, for how can people change an existing situation…

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  • The Great Game: Afghanistan

    The Great Game: Afghanistan

    “I can tell you that the Ministry of Defence as a whole, and certainly the armed forces desperately want to…

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  • 'Women in Action' Conference 2011 organized by ArtRole

    ‘Women in Action’ Cultural Conference

    Founded in 2004 by Adalet R. Garmiany, a British artist of Kurdish-Iraqi origin, ArtRole is a UK- and Iraq-based contemporary arts organisation dedicated to developing cultural exchanges…

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  • Rana Hamadeh workshop Alien Encounters at MASS Alexandria in April 2012. Courtesy of Daniella Rose King

    MASS Alexandria

    In October 2010 Alexandrian artist Wael Shawky inaugurated the MASS Alexandria Pilot Studio and Study Program, an initiative aimed at…

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