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  • Top Goon

    In autumn 2011 the first episodes of the Syrian satire Top Goon: Diaries of a Little Dictator aired on YouTube….

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  • Reel Syria / Firefly International

    Reel Syria came as a response to the ongoing repression in Syria, allowing people in the UK to engage directly…

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  • The Little Book of Kabul

    The Little Book of Kabul looks at the daily activities of artists, craftsmen, designers, musicians, at their hopes, desires and challenges.

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  • Open Shutters

    Open Shutters trained women from all over Iraq to share their experience of the war and occupation using photographs and…

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  • Bamiyan Mirror

    The giant Buddhas of Bamiyan were created sixteen centuries ago; in 2001 the Taliban released television footage of their destruction…

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  • Catalyst Rwanda

    Rwanda is still a deeply traumatised society, eighteen years after the 1994 genocide. Psychological trauma is widespread and mostly untreated,…

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